Don't Dream It, Drive It

1968 Corvette C3 Convertible, 427 Tri-Power L71 Motor mit 435 PS und 4-Gang Schaltgetriebe

MATCHING NUMBERS - extrem seltenes Sammlerfahrzeug

Basic data:
Year of manufacture: 1968
Production date: October 27, 1967
Delivered in: California
Exterior color: 974 Rally Red (10.21%)
Interior color: 407 Red (Vinyl)
Top color: Black
Factory order no: C27
Engine: L71 435 HP 427cid 3x2bbl carburetor
#18S403115, casting date T1007IR, October 7, 1967
Power: 435 HP @ 5800 rpm
Torque: 623Nm @ 4000 rpm
Intake manifold: Tri-Power intake manifold
#3919852, casting date J67, October 1967
Transmission: M21 4-speed manual transmission
#3925660, casting date P8P19, September 19, 1967
Transmission bell housing: #18S403115, casting date October 1967
Differential housing: #3871375, casting date H 8 7, August 8, 1967
Differential ratio: 4.11 
#3737957, casting date 2AU1 22 7, August 11, 1967
Production figures: 2,918 units with L71 Tri-Power engine,
probably only about 1800 of them convertibles
Import to Austria: 2013
Frame off restoration: 2011 (now 3000 miles since restoration)
Engine overhaul: By Booth Arons
(a famous engine builder and drag racer)
Engine upgrades: GM Performance Aluminum Heads,
Ceramic-Coated Headers
Brake upgrade: Wilwood Brakes
Cooling: Aluminum radiator with dual E-fans
Radio: Retro Sound Model One
AM/FM Radio w/ USB/SD MP3 Playback
Appraisals: US Appraiser Report - Status Excellent

RPO Option Sold                                              [%]Sale    Price[$]
19467-Base Corvette Convertible (BB 435hp)            65.22% 4,320.00
A02-Soft Ray tinted glass, windshield                       19.29%       10.55
C07-Additional hardtop (for convertible)                 30.58%      231.75
G81-Positraction rear axle, all ratios                          94.55%     46.35
J50-Servo brakes                                                        33.46%     42.15
L71-427ci, 435hp engine                                              10.14%     437.10
M21-4-speed manual transmission, close ratio         43.19%     184.35
N40 power steering                                                    43.28%     94.80
U69-AM-FM radio                                                         86.15%     182.75
Total                                                                                          5,549.80

This '68 Stingray roadster packs its numbers-matching L71, a Muncie M21 4-speed manual, and both tops, not to mention a gorgeous red-on-red finish that screams Corvette performance. Many Corvette enthusiasts regard the '68s as the purest of the C3 design, with delicate chrome bumpers, that swoopy bodywork, and the squared-off tail. This one has been beautifully restored using the correct code 974 Rally Red, of which a surprisingly low 2918 were built in '68. Corvettes can be challenging cars to restore, but fortunately the guys who did the bodywork on this one were experienced. Panels are in very good condition, and since this one was restored with an eye on driving it, they didn't waste the owner's money trying to perfect a car that was never perfect to begin with. Instead, they worked to duplicate the factory fit and finish, and yes, that means that some of the gaps aren't perfect. But go Bloomington Gold and look at the survivors, and you'll see more of the same, so it's hardly a demerit in the Corvette world. The Rally Red paint is brilliant, deep and rich, and it's probably safe to say that paint in 1968 never looked this good. The factory big block hood remains, and despite being on such an eye-popping design, it's somewhat more subdued than the big block stinger hoods of the outgoing C2 models. Chrome was still in fashion in 1968, and the new Stingray sported quite a bit. The bumpers, both front and rear, have been refinished, as well as the delicate frames around the lower grilles. The big block hood sports subtle chrome-ringed vents and correct 427 badges, as well as crossed-flag emblems on the nose and gas cap. The stainless windshield surround has been polished, and the windshield itself appears to be new, along with the side window glass. Details like the lenses, door handles, and even the single driver's side mirror, have all been replaced with quality reproduction items. If you're shopping for a first-year C3, the one you want is definitely the L71 427/435, and those with the greatest investment potential are cars with documented matching numbers. This one is definitely matching numbers throughout, with a detailed sheet describing all the numbers, casting codes, and date stamps on all the critical parts, proving that they are correct. The engine itself was rebuilt by Booth Arons in Detroit, Michigan, and uses the original 4-bolt block as its foundation. The stock internals are more than robust, so they were machined to stock specs, and then it was topped with a set of aluminum Bow Tie cylinder heads and the original Tri-Power intake with Holley carburetors. GM dressed the L71 with plenty of flash, including chrome valve covers and that distinctive triangular air cleaner, and this one is dressed up even further with addition items like the chrome alternator and polished radiator with electric fans. You've probably also noticed the massive long-tube headers, which allow the big 427 to breathe deeply, as well as an upgraded Wilwood billet master cylinder to go with the upgraded brake system. The instant you turn the key on this one, you'll understand why the L71 is legendary, and if you don't get chills just listening to it idle, perhaps a Corvette is just too much car for you and you would be better served shopping at the Smart Car store. The original M21 4-speed manual lives behind the 427, and hangs on the original bell housing. Out back, the original rear end even carries the original 4.11 gear set. For a car built in late October 1967, that's just as good as it gets. The rest of the chassis has been thoughtfully upgraded with the intention of driving this mighty big block Corvette on the road. The rear spring is composite, replacing the heavy steel leaf spring, shocks are high-performance KYB units, and the disc brakes feature cross-drilled and slotted rotors for superior fade resistance. The exhaust follows the stock configuration, but uses larger tubing, a chambered center section, and high-performance mufflers out back that sound positively amazing. The original frame has been painted satin black to match the floors, making it low-maintenance. Wheels are beautiful chrome deep-dish Rally-style with Corvette center caps wearing 225/70/15 BFGoodrich T/A radials. Equally stunning is the code 407 red vinyl interior, which is just as vivid as the body. The perforated vinyl is both comfortable and stylish, and the seats themselves have a very inviting, lived-in look that makes you want to slide behind the wheel and run the 427 through the gears. The matching console and dash have been nicely refinished, and all the gauges are fully functional. The door panels were replaced as well, and feature bright stainless detailing and knobs. Black carpets prevent red overload inside, and match the black canvas top overhead, which is in excellent condition. An upgraded digital AM/FM/cassette stereo has been added in the original location, but nothing was modified just in case you want to go back to 100% stock condition. And as I mentioned earlier, this is a two top car, so a matching red hardtop is also included, and it has been restored to match the standards of the rest of the car. Documentation includes a build book, an US Appraiser Report, it also includes a 1968 Corvette Assembly Manual, a manual for the new radio. Correctly finished in its original colors, with the optional hardtop and a ton of functional upgrades, this is a driver's 427. Think about the sound of those three carburetors at wide-open throttle, bellowing through that massive exhaust system it's enough to strike terror into anything with less than 500 horsepower on the street. Nevertheless, it's docile enough to drive every day, although you'll probably find that people can't keep their eyes off the brilliant red finish.

This Corvette has an Austrian single permit as a historic vehicle.

€ 79.900,00