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Paint Stripping - Dustless Blasting

The perfect vehicle restoration starts with the perfect paint removal!

The dustless water-sand blasting method developed in the USA enables extremely smooth and effective paint and rust removal from vehicles.

The wet blasting method offers the possibility of removing almost any type of coating from almost any substrate material without generating heat or dust.

Especially when restoring classic cars, it is particularly important to know the condition of the metal under the paint or underbody protection, as small rust bubbles can often turn out to be large-scale rust, and old layers of paint that have not been removed can often lead to cracks in the paint when repainted.

The wet blasting method is used to remove paint, bondo and rust from metallic surfaces without the risk of heat warping the vehicle sheet metal, as can happen with conventional sandblasting methods. This means that even large flat surfaces such as engine hoods, side panels, doors and vehicle roofs can be blasted.

The abrasive used consists of ground broken glass and is therefore less aggressive than quartz sand. The blasted surface is therefore also not as rough as with conventional sandblasting and is therefore much easier to process further.

Due to fine adjustment possibilities of the blasting unit, fiberglass bodies or boats can also be blasted without hesitation and without damaging the gelcoat or fiberglass.

Even blasting graffiti from house walls or the weathered surface on old wood is not only feasible but also much more effective than with any other blasting method.

The possible applications are extremely diverse.