Dont't Dream It, Drive It

1960 Jaguar MK II 3.8

The Jaguar Mark 2 was a fast and powerful limousine built by Jaguar in Coventry, England, from late 1959 to 1967, in keeping with Sir William Lyons' 1950s advertising slogan "Grace - Space - Pace." It was available with all three versions of the advanced Jaguar XK6 I6 engine, the 2.4-, 3.4- and 3.8-liter.

Front suspension geometry was rearranged from the previous MK I model to raise the roll center, and the rear track was widened. Four-wheel disc brakes were now standard. Power steering, overdrive or automatic transmission could be added at extra cost. The 3.8-liter came with a limited-slip differential.

A 3.8-liter engine with 220 hp was capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 8.5 seconds and reaching a top speed of 125 mph (201 km/h). This made the Mark 2 version 3.8 the fastest four-door production car of its time, until 1964.

Due to its outstanding performance, the British police liked to drive the Jaguar Mk 2.
Jaguar expert and book author Nigel Thornley estimates that 80 percent of all British police stations had at least one Jaguar limousine in their fleet. The red Mark 2 from the film Buster (1988) - with Phil Collins in the role of mail robber Ronald "Buster" Briggs - showed that the Mark 2 was also appreciated by police counterparts.

But the Mk 2 was also very successful in motor sports.  Winning the 1963 European Touring Car Championship by Peter Lindner and Peter Nöcker and four victories in the Tour de France. In 1963, an only slightly modified model set four international world speed records at Monza.

The vehicle offered here comes from a classic car collection and has been in one hand for 25 years. Shortly before the introduction of the Euro, the Jaguar was fully restored for 120,000 DM and converted to electric power steering for better handling. The bumpers shown in the pictures are not original, but have since been replaced with original bumpers. The condition of the vehicle is exceptionally good, as if it had just been delivered from the factory.

The Jaguar comes with German vehicle registration. An Austrian individual vehicle approval can be carried out at the customer's request for an expense allowance.

The sale takes place in the name of the current owner.

€ 59.900,00