Dont't Dream It, Drive It

1948 GMC COE (Cab Over Engine) Truck

Cab-Over, also known as Cab Over Engine (COE), Cab Forward (USA), Flat Nose (Canada) or Forward Control (UK), is a body style of trucks, buses or vans with a vertical front. "Flat Face" or Semi-Hood, where the cab of the truck sits above (or in front of) the front axle. This is in contrast to a conventional truck where the engine is mounted in front of the driver.Laws at the time limited the overall length of the truck on highways to 42 feet (12.8 meters). Mounting the cab above the engine and front axle shortened the truck's length by several feet, which could then be added to the length of the trailer while keeping the overall truck dimensions within the allowable limit.
GMC was the most popular truck brand in this era and had larger sales than competitors from Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet.

The vehicle offered here has unusually good cab condition, has no rust through except for minor surface rust, and is therefore ideally suited for restoration or conversion to restomod.
Engine 228cid (3.7L) 6 cylinder OHV inline engine
89.5 HP at 3000Rpm
4 speed manual transmission

The GMC was imported from the USA, has an American Title and is duty paid as a classic car.

If desired, an individual vehicle approval can be arranged for an additional fee.

€ 13.900,00

There are countless possibilities for the design of this truck. Very popular is the construction of the driver's cab over a frame with drive train from a "modern" pick-up or SUV.
Below are some examples of restomods