Dont't Dream It, Drive It

1964 Thunderbird Hardtop Coupe

The fourth generation Ford Thunderbird is a large luxury passenger car produced by Ford for the 1964 to 1966 model years. This generation of the Thunderbird, also called the "Flair Birds," was redesigned in favor of a squarer, more "formal" look. The only vestige of the Thunderbird's earlier sporty image was the fact that the standard 300hp (224kW), 390cid V8 engine took just under 11 seconds to get the heavy T-Bird to 60 mph (97km/h). The soft-sprung suspension allowed for a "hover" in corners and over bumps that was typical of passenger cars at the time. Compared to competitive products such as the Buick Riviera, the Pontiac Grand Prix, and the Chrysler 300K, the Thunderbird maintained its leading market share, thanks to its thoroughly styled, luxurious interior and extravagant body shape.

The 1964 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Coupe offered here is equipped with a 390cid (6.4L) engine rated at 300hp and a 3-speed automatic transmission.

Included with the vehicle are new door to roof edge seals as well as front seat covers and new front seat upholstery.

The vehicle was imported from the USA to Austria, has an American title and is sold custom duty paid as a classic car.

Upon request, we deliver the vehicle with a classic car individual vehicle approval for an expense allowance.

€ 15.900,00