Dont't Dream It, Drive It

1940 Buick Special Series 46 Business Coupe

In 1940, this beautifully designed Business Coupé could be purchased for USD 925. The Business Coupé, which is very popular today, did not have a rear bench seat compared to the Standard Coupé. This coupe version was mainly used by salesmen and commercial travelers who could use the additional cargo space behind the front bench seat for their sample cases and trade goods.

The entire 1940 Buick production run was described as "new" by the manufacturer. For the Buick Series 40/46 Special, the wheelbase was increased by one inch to 121 inches, which in turn allowed the installation of two side spare wheels (optional). The headlights were integrated into the front fenders and the front grille was more dominant with its horizontal bars. Compared to the previous year, there were minor changes to the interior. The installation of a dual-diaphragm fuel pump was used to drive the vacuum-driven windshield wipers. Although this was Buick's entry-level series, it was a full-size vehicle and met market expectations for comfort and performance.

The Buick Specials featured all-steel construction that consisted of a rigid I-beam frame, front and rear stabilizer bars, a thermal circuit breaker that eliminated the need for fuses, and an Aerobat carburetor on the legendary 248-ci OHV inline-8-cylinder Dynaflash engine. The engine operated quietly and gave a very luxurious ride thanks to its aluminum rocker arms and rubber shims between its Fisher-built B-body and frame.  Torsion bars on the live rear axle provided a very comfortable ride and responsive performance on the road.

The legendary Buick 8 Dynaflash 8-cylinder inline engine with its excellent smoothness produces 107hp that is put on the road through a three-speed transmission.

248 cid OHV inline 8-cylinder engine
Single carburetor
107 hp at 3,400 rpm
3-speed manual transmission with steering column shifter
Independent front suspension - driven rear axle
4-wheel drum brakes

The vehicle for sale here was lovingly partially restored by the previous owner and has an Austrian individual permit.

The power supply was converted from 6 volts to 12 volts.

€ 29.900,00